Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein

Software developer.
Researcher and lecturer at the University of Urbino.

🎓 2016 Ph.D. in Complexity Science; 2010 Master’s degree in Computer Science; 2006 Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science.

Born in Switzerland, raised in Italy, firmly believes in peace between cheese and pasta.

Interested in software architecture and UI/UX design. Knows .NET better than most of his relatives. Has great fun with full stack web and mobile app development.

Amateur photographer, part-time drummer, full-time C# rockstar. 🤘

Some projects: 🔧
OnTopReplica: popular window management utility tool for Microsoft Windows. Creates a real-time, always on top, “replica” of any window.SmartRoadSense: crowdsensing road quality tracking app. Exploits GPS and accelerometer data in order to determine the road quality you are traveling on and collects it. Developed by the University of Urbino.Windows Forms Aero: Aero forms library for .NET Windows Forms.Sinonimi+Contrari: the best and fastest Italian thesaurus app for Windows Phone 8.More stuff on GitHub.